New tool in the kitchen – IKEA frying pan

Wife on fire

Last Sunday before lunch, my wife mentioned that we could go to the IKEA that afternoon. Now, if she mentions something like that, that is something to be considered. I wasn’t that happy right then, because I knew that I was going to take the girls to the Red Bull AirRace after lunch, we were going to be at home around five – and going to the IKEA would mean spending the end of the last hours of the weekend there.

And not at home. I was kind of angry a bit because she could have mentioned it in the morning so that we could have gone there in the morning, but we went and did some shopping anyway. Because we obviously needed some new shelves or whatever.

Anyway, we went and enjoyed the trip like hell!

The kitchen department

Well, I always stop at the kitchen department because that is the most interesting part of IKEA – and I may deserve something from there.

This time I was looking through the frying pans – something that is always needed at home and something where it is hard to find good quality. I did not want to buy anything with Teflon coating,  And then I found this Sensuell frying pan, heavy, durable looking pan, a little bit expensive, but not very expensive, with a 25-year guarantee.

So, I bought one. And went to the local grocery to buy things to start to use it.

Meat and vegetables

As it was a Sunday, only the local 24/ shop was open, and there was only frozen vegetable, Summer Mix or something like that, and I found some good-looking chicken breast. I cleaned the meat and added peri-peri marinade from Nando’s, and that went into the fridge for a day.

But the vegetable mixture went into the pan with a bit of butter and it was very good. The users’ manual says only middle heat is allowed while frying (and using at all), so I turned it on like that, and the result was good.

I added Mr Vikki’s King Naga Garlic, which is a very good sauce but not the best from Mr Vikki’s. Not that hot and not that well-seasoned, as his other sauces. Still good, but could be better. And as I found out the next day, tastes a little over-garlic for office lunch…

Anyway, the pan was good, the vegetable was tasty and crunchy.

The breasts

The next evening it was the breasts’ turn. Those had spent the night and the day in the fridge, in a bowl, slowly succumbing to the taste of the marinade. Nando’s peri-peri marinade is not the hottest of the marinades in the world, not even close, and the marinade itself is just above average, but good to have one at home – definitely if you live in Hungary where you can’t just walk into a restaurant of them.

I must have overcooked the breasts because those were a bit dry, but the taste was kind of good, for next-day office lunch, at least.


Well, after two uses I would not jump to anywhere near a conclusion, but the result was good, the foods were very enjoyable, the cleaning was easy – what else?

We’ll see if I can top it with something different and if I can buy something better later.


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