Sports and healthcare

My running history

It seems like I started my running career in 2013, my first run was a 4.79 km run and since then I have done almost 1666 kilometres all together.

I thought that I would give it a try but then I kind of fell in love with running. It kind of started badly but when I understood that my body needed help and carefulness in terms of the frequency and the length of activities, I could run a lot.

I loved the summers after my second daughter was born in 2013 – my wife was at home and there was summer holiday in the school so I could wake up at 6 or earlier in the morning and enjoy the morning air. I was doing 10+ kilometres back then and loved it. Morning, running lonely, music, whatever.

But then I had a couple of health issues and 2017 was a bad year, I managed only 137 kilometres.

Returning to a healthier myself

I had two operations, one in August 2017, and another one in April, this year. One month after and I completed my first run, with a distance a little bit over 3 kilometres.

I have just started a training plan with Runkeeper, the application I use to track my activities. The aim is to bring me up to the previous level, or at least close to that. I am not even close to that level now, so I have some work to do. Previously I ran on flat surface mostly, but here in the city it is simply up and down, and I can’t breath after 2 kilometres.

I will need the strength and health, the third child is coming and it will be a hell of a ride, hopefully!

The bike

And as I mentioned riding – I have a road bike, a model by Francesco Moser, I love it. It is a nice, pink, purple, white coloured bike. It had been in the basement for about four or five years, but I moved it to a near bike service and there it will be repaired, refreshed, serviced.

There are beautiful hills here around Budapest to ride, and we planned with Luca to visit our friends in Szigetszentmiklós on our bikes. That is a 20 kilometre ride, Luca have never done anything like that, so that will be an experience for her, too.

Her next step is to visit her grandparents in Szajla on a bike – that is 150 kilometres far from home.

That will be fun!


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