What a week, what a week

Running and riding the bike

It’s only Thursday, though, I know, I know, but I am so bloody satisfied with this week that I feel like I am in heaven.

As I mentioned earlier, last week I started running again and took my bike to a bike service – and this Wednesday I was ready to wake up early and go for a run. And this time I was able to run 6.4 kilometres, only walked for a while (although my training plan suggested it more frequently through the earphones), and had that very happy feeling after it.

And in the evening my bike was ready, so I went for a ride. Only for 20 minutes or something like that, but here in the twelveth district, with hills and slopes everywhere it was a challenge!

Finishing the job at the office

And as the third child is almost here (he is expected on the 12th of July in less than a week’s time) I am really under pressure in the office to finish everything before the birth of the guy. Especially because from the 23rd of July the company goes on holiday for two weeks. And it means that with the extra five-day holiday because of the newborn, I have less than a week to do everything.

But this week was a very strong week in terms of advancing my projects. There are four different ones there, and I managed to make significant steps forward. And I talked to my boss and explained my plans to her to clear the air. I told her that we would move abroad, not in the near future but in the middle term and that my plan is to use this job to help me reach everything. And told her that I will finish every bit of my projects at the company.

Reviving the project with my friends

Three friends of mine started a project last year or something like that and I was invited to the group a couple of months ago. It is a very interesting thing, and I was excited to join them – I plan to use it for professional self-development, learning and advertising my experience and knowledge.

By now we reached a point where putting in work may not be enough, we need to add financial support to plans which leads to other necessary decisions like founding a company in order to be eligible for a loan.

These are decisions we have to make, but I believe it’s worth the hassle. This is something that can lead us somewhere, especially me and my family.

Hopefully towards a job somewhere in a normal country in Europe. Preferably in England, hopefully in Manchester.

Because the end of our plan is Manchester. Or Paris, if you ask my oldest daughter, Luca.

What a feeling

So, these things all together, and the feeling of my family here, waiting for the boy to arrive, spending a lot of time with the girls while being good at my job at the office – priceless. I feel like I have never felt so good.

I have plans, we have plans, I am full of energy, we know where we want to be, we want a better future – what else do you need?

And it is only Thursday!


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