When it really came home

My best ever World Cup

2018. The year of my best ever World Cup. Really. The year when I found my faith again in my team, in the sport called football – and when I realized that I need this sport back in my life again.

I’ve been watching football World Cups since I was ten, since 1986. That was the first trauma with the Hungarian national team, Irapuato and the 0-6 against the Soviet Union – the beginning of a slope ahead of the Hungarian team that hasn’t finished yet. That and the political backlash in Hungary added to my language-learning time spent in London led me to find a new home – at least theoretically. So far. More about that in a later post, this time it is all about football, and my love for the English team.

This World Cup showed everything that I miss from my country now, including football, caring for each other, being a country, being human. A team that played for each other, played for the country, played against the odds – and delivered.

In the background

The whole nation in the background. It’s been beautiful following the country behind the team with all the fuss about it coming home, believing that maybe it will, it really can happen.

But that wasn’t the most important thing. That self-irony, that sarcasm behind every post about it coming home, the ability to laugh at themselves, a whole country being able to do that – I mean, that was a revelation for me. What a difference between Hungary and England, the atmosphere, the thoughts, the overall attitude, when Sikhs, English dockworkers and teachers and university students are behind the team altogether – priceless.

While our PM says after the Croatian success against England that this was our success – in England something else started. Something systematic, something to build on. A young team, a loveable team, a team that needs success, that was born in Russia.

And I wanna be part of it, I wanna follow it from inside, from England.

Once again, our plan is to move there somehow. I want my children to grow up in a country where they love diversity, they understand humanity, the necessity of living together on Earth, and everything.

So, football came home, in a way, really.


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