The last days of waiting

End of the nine-month

According to the first date by the doctors, our third child is due to arrive on the 15th of July, so, as I am writing this post on the 14th, we have only one day until the prediction. I know that most of the children don’t arrive on the correct date they are said to, but the first two, the girls, arrived exactly when they had to.

So, you could think our children are very orderly – and they are, right until they are born.

But that is how they should be, shouldn’t they?

Probably my wife is the one who’s the most eager to get it over with, and she has some reasons, I can see that. The boy and her tummy are big, I guess everything is uncomfortable by now, sleeping on this side, sleeping on the other side, sitting, half-sitting, walking or standing, it doesn’t matter, it is not good – although she has been enjoying every little bit of her pregnancy, as she had always done.

Who is the most excited?

I can’t tell that, I am very-very excited but so are the girls, especially Pannus, the second one – she obviously doesn’t have a clue about what is coming in the next days and months. She is kissing the boy every time she is close to her mum, she is caressing her and what not.

Luca, the first-born is much more moderate about the whole thing and the arrival of the boy – she perfectly knows and remembers how it goes when someone bursts into her well-known territory and place in the family.

I would really love to finish it as soon as possible, to have the boy at home, to leave the hospital and start the new system in the family. One week from now and we’ll have an official holiday with the company, two weeks, which really fits into the arriving of the new one.

The hardest part

This is it, the hardest, when there is nothing to do, just waiting for the action to start when you can’t really do anything but watching the clock and the mother if there are any signs about the last part.

But so far, nothing, and I can’t even ASK my wife about it because she’s going crazy every time I ask her: When are you going to…? Do you feel anything like signs? Or anything? I was told to simply f••k off with my bloody questions, so by now I don’t really dare to ask anything…

But no worries, as it is said, no one stayed inside, so once he’ll be out! I hope, sooner rather than later…


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