My learning plans

What else can you do?

I have been thinking of this for ages – how can I do something for the world, for humanity, for my family – something that matters? And then I just realized, there is one easy-to-do thing: if I learn a lot, I show a good example for my children, that makes them a better people and that may help the world a little bit. And if I know a lot about things, it is gonna be even easier to raise the children.

And besides, learning is one of the best things in the world. I know it sounds like something stupid and it is quite obvious, but I still believe in it. If I’m lucky, I have something like 20-30 years to learn as much as I can and do as much as I can.

The trouble with today’s courses

So, I had started to find courses, mostly online ones something like 2 years ago all over the internet. Coursera, FutureLearn, LinkedIn, European Schoolnet Academy, whatever. But without any organization or plan, if I found something I started that, more often than not without finishing.

There is a huge amount of courses around, and you can’t easily choose from it. Where is the quality? I mean you can trust a couple of sources, but then sometimes you think you buy something from a trusted source and it becomes something completely useless shit.

I bought a course on writing from the CNN store – and by the time I was at the course syllable and the concrete curriculum and did the first ten lessons, and it was a disaster. Nothing new from an author or lecturer who knows only a little about the topic.

What I want to learn now

But that made me figure out what I need to do – I need a plan. I have to find the ways to organize myself and the things around me. And once again, as the third child is coming, it provides the best opportunity to do that, like the last couple of months provided the same in our life.

I have already made plans around the family, as we moved into the city, we are planning to move abroad and we imagine our life somewhere else. Now I need to make the foundations for these plans.

The plan is to move in two years, by the time the youngest one will be two. So, I have two years to make those foundations. So, I have to make plans about what to learn in order to be in the best possible position for the new challenges.

I found three different areas to strengthen: professionally, to be very good at my job, personally, to new the world, my hobbies, my interests, politics – and as I want to write about these, my writing skills. That is where I am going to start.

Learning to write. I need to find my style, I need to find myself in my posts – and I am moving on a difficult pitch as I want to do it in English. So along with my writing skills, I need to improve my English as well.

And the financial background

As we had sold the house and chose to rent instead, we have a┬ásmall amount of money in the back. Really a small one, that won’t last long but will help us in the meantime. I am trying to start my own business with friends of mines, so it should be our business, not mine – there is a great idea, we just have to implement it rightly.

So, there are plans, I have plans, I just have to be organized and focused.

Which I will. I am sure.



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