First month with the baby

The delivery

So, the boy is more than one-month old by now, and it has been quite a journey, from the beginning. As everything, even his birth was different and contrary to the planned, he’s doing everything differently from the girls.

It started as a normal birth but then the doctors decided that it was time for a C-section – and I was terrified. I hadn’t been used to that kind of things, the girls arrived exactly on the suggested time without any complication, easily, really. And of course, the doctor said three times that

“there’s no need to worry, at all”

and that made me angry, really. Frightened, rather.

little baby legs

Little legs

But it was OK in the end, it took 5 minutes to prepare my wife for the operation and another five for them to call me that the boy arrived. So, this time I was the first one to see the kid, and the first one to put on the chest, and it was bloody good, to spend his first minutes with him. He was a big boy, 4.3 kg and 57 cm.

The first month

After there was nothing really interesting or complicated, he was born on Sunday and came home on the next Wednesday, and he’s all right since. Really. Last Friday they went to the doctor for measuring and after a month he is 5.2 kg and 61 cm.

The guy is growing, really.

And he is calm. No way, I wasn’t prepared for that. The girls are loud now and were loud when they were born. They had tummy problems, they had sleeping problems – now, so far there is nothing like that with the boy. He is eating, and when I pick him after to burp, it takes 5 seconds to 1,5 minutes to do that.

And I mean it, he blows my head off sometimes.

And sleeping. He needs to be carried in arms but he falls asleep rather easily, sleeps during the night, usually eats once and carries on sleeping until the morning.

Last night I was walking around with him, singing him something about everything, our life and what we’ll do when he’ll be older like going to London and Manchester and watching proper football, and he fell asleep!

Well, I always say so far it is good and hope for the best!

baby legs crossed

Legs crossed

Family together

Really it brought the family together. The girls love the baby. They want to help, they pick him up, they carry him from one place to another, they want to help. Five-year-old Pannus is harder a bit because she is a bit clumsy and she’s like a bulldozer, but she is all right. There are signs that she may not take the arrival of a new competitor that easily, but hopefully she can handle it. We try to help her.


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