Running up the hill

A new target could help?

I couldn’t really accomplish my aim and reach the target of making running a habit again, so I figured maybe a concrete target could do it for me.

I found it hard to run in the city on the pavements and on the asphalt roads – yeah, unfortunately my body shows the signs of being not-so-easy on the circumstances any more. And of course there were other reasons behind it, the dog days here in Hungary lasting for weeks, my general tiredness etc. And of course I could go on forever finding the reasons, but you know there is something wrong when you can easily find the reasons.

Up, up and up

So, I thought that I had been at my best when running around 10 to 15 kilometres, so I need to get back to that. And we have a park not that far from here, on foot it is 5 kilometres away. And there is running pitch, 2 kilometres long. So, the target is, running there, doing a round on the pitch, running back.

All together it is a nice 12-kilometre run.

But there is a serious task in the first part: as the running pitch is on the top of the hill, it is an uphill task to reach that height. And not an easy one, either!

Step by step

So, one step further every occasion, that is the masterplan.

I ran something like 35 minutes the week before on an easy field, no hills, just plain streets near lake of Velence in Hungary and last week I started the uphill project. I can’t say I expected it to be that hard, I was really surprised how hard those uphill parts can be.

But when I felt like that was enough for one day, I turned back and did the last part, running downwards. Now that was an enjoyable part and I could run that part almost without walking, there were really long periods without slowing down.

Still, far from my best, but progressing. And when I am fed up or really don’t want to do anything like running, I always remember my friend, Csabu, who passed away two and a half year ago, who showed me this ad.

R.I.P, Csabu!


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