Changing the name of the blog

Thinking of my style

I have already kind of mentioned that I am at a stage of my life where I am looking for a couple of different things, like meaning of life and other hopefully easier topics – while constantly learning. Learning about professional things, self-development, blogging, copywriting and so on..

Well, about blogging, I keep bumping into style and finding my own style and the style of the blog and the posts, so style and style again.

And then somehow I realised that, well, I can’t really say that I have already found my one. Or at least if I have found it then it is not reflected on the blog and in the posts.

Words don’t come easy

Or I just simply cannot put it into English.

We organised a prediction game about the World Cup this summer and one of my colleague told me that she did not want to take part in the game, but asked me to send the letters I wrote about the game to the participants to her, too, because she loved my style and enjoyed every word of my letters.

I thought I should think all these things over – and although it took more than two months, I understood that I had been writing in a completely different style, like it hadn’t even been me.

Tribute to two greats

So, I figured I was going to let myself loose and build the person in English from the person I am in Hungarian. Well, easier said than done, but we’ll see. I can’t loose that much, can I?

Well, if I want to translate my Hungarian side to English, I can recall two greats from my past that helped: good old Kurt Vonnegut and the sitcom According to Jim.

Hence the new name of the blog.

So, follow me everywhere, it may get better and kind of funnier, too. I won’t be funnier than those two but I have my momentums, I can promise that.


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