Things not compatible with us – restaurants

I don’t say it can never be better, but nowadays I just get the feeling that there are certain places (and other things) that are simply not for us as a family and as a group with 3 children.

Maybe it’s just the age difference: 10+, 6, 1, which makes it a little bit harder to handle the pack. They all are in a different behavioural coordination system with different needs and different style and of course with quite different personalities.

Jeez, how different!

The oldest one is a maximalist and a perfectionist. The middle one is a bulldozer, she needs everything right there and right then. The boy is only one, so he’s mostly observing, but he’s a boy, hence he requires a completely different mind setup from us, parents, than the girls.

Anyway, it’s as beautiful as it can get, no complaining here, it’s just sometimes receiving end needs to be prepared for us… 🙂

This time we visited a restaurant because Pannus, the 6 year-old turned six. On the way there, she was “attacked” by a mantis. Well, the poor insect was flying around and landed on the girl, who was obviously frightened and started crying like hell. Well, she’s not a friend of bugs, beetles or anything, even butterflies can make her scream, really.

So, that’s how we arrived to the restaurant, where things got worse as her favourite soup wasn’t on the menu. And as she couldn’t get over the shock of the mantis, and there were some flies, well, how to put it, it wasn’t a really smooth and easy experience there.

Spilled liquids, stains on the table, kind of beautiful. Add to this the fact that everything had to be removed from the reach of Bende, the one year-old, so that he can’t push anything off the table – but there was the table cloth, obviously. So, somehow he was under it, at one moment I looked up, and he was enjoying playing peekaboo.

I don’t know if the waiters enjoyed it, but I left a rather hefty tip…

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