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Less meat, more vegetables

So, a couple of years ago, I went to my company’s for a general check, and he said the my cholesterol level was sort of high. And he said that I should go vegetarian, because

…have you ever seen a fat vegetarian?

Then I talked to lots of vegetarians and other people, for example vegetarians with really high cholesterol, and I decided to eat much less meat.

Less meat but higher quality.

The cholesterol level was better, normal even for years, and I haven’t really paid attention to anything about it.

Veganuary 2020

I don’t know how I bumped into it, probably on Facebook or something like that, but I kind of felt like giving it a go. Going vegan, or tasting it, feeling it, reading about it, that can’t do any harm, can it?

So, on the 12th of January, I opened the freezer and took my favourite chicken wings out and sent them into the oven, thinking that I taste them for the last time at least for a month.

And they looked the same as they had looked previously, they smelled the same as they had smelled previously – but I could not really enjoy them. I really don’t know, but it really felt strange, that the thing in my mouth had been alive a couple of months ago, had been running around and what not.

So I could not finish the plate.

So, no more meat, then?

Well, I haven’t eaten a bite of it, so far. Although before that I had to taste everything around me, on the girls plate, on my wife’s plate, every time.

I am sure I will eat meat, but much, much less. I have no problem tasting the meat in something I cook for the girls, although I can’t say what I will do at the first particular moment when it is in front of me.

We still have very nice, home made sausages (with chilies, hot like hell) in the fridge – I haven’t tasted them since that day. I sent them to my mother-in-law, she loves them.

And now?

So, anyway, since then, I have already bought lots of equipment to the kitchen to make lots of things at home – I am a nerd if it’s about appliances at home!

I am buying vegan stuff, creating a new pantry, getting ready to make lots of items at home – and this is gonna be the best and funniest part with the three children and my wife, I guess…

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