Previously on VfS – the decision

So, how the hell did that happen? I don’t know. All I know that our fridge was literally full with lots of meat, chicken, beef, ham, sausages (with four different chilies, hot like hell!!!), cheese, breaded chicken wings etc., and suddenly I did not felt like I want them. That week every day when I had come home from work at 6pm I had a big/long chili sausage just for fun. They were sooo good, so hot and spicy that I could not resist.

Before dinner.

(Anyway, there will be a post soon about the items in the fridge, which will be used and eaten by me and which will be given away…)

The biggest change of my life?

Well, no. Not at all.

It was nothing like that, I can’t even tell the exact date, I really don’t know. It was probably the second weekend of 2020, as I try to recall. I was kind of lucky though, because even prior to that I hadn’t had much meat by that time for a while, so it wasn’t like I was hit by a train.

A plate of risotto
Wild rice risotto at Café Rouge, London

Did I know everything about it?

Hell, no. I knew vegans don’t eat meat and I read a couple of articles about them not eating anything related to animals or something like that. That sounds great with me, and if this helps me to do something for the Earth, well, that’s good.

Still, I have already started understanding veganism, I read and watch things, so I’ll be better.

Was I afraid?

Why would I have been? I had already experienced that eating more vegetables and fruits helps me be being fresher, more productive and active, so I was pretty sure it could be all right with me.

Be careful!

Of course, you have to be careful with a change like that, you have to understand what your body can do and what you have to do to your body. Best thing you can do is to ask for help before your decision, ask your GP or a dietitian. I am not a doctor, I may be completely wrong in what I am doing now, so, find an expert!

I mean it. Seriously.

Let’s socialise!

And still, read what I’m doing, that may help you in some ways. You can follow me on Facebook, too, just search for Veganish from Scratch.

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