One month into VfS

Where am I now?

Hey, so it’s been a month or so since I started moving towards veganism, and I have to admit that I love it. Another thing to admit – it is easier than I expected. I really wouldn’t have thought that I will enjoy it this much without any kind of hassle or pain or something like that.

This one month was full of getting ready and planning the next couple of months in the short term for me.

What’s the plan, then?

black and white tree in fog
Tree in fog, on the way home

So, as this is something I want to do properly, I started to gather information. I ordered a book about veganism, called Becoming Vegan, the comprehensive edition. It seems to be containing a bit more information than I previously thought, but I will read it through, anyway.

I found groups and podcasts to listen to when I walk to and from my office, so that I can understand everything around this topic.

I am clearing out my fridge and the pantry to make way to those new vegan stuff I can buy in the newly discovered shops, markets, and other places.

The best part…

Well, an unexpected but really good change: I am not only restructuring my diet and my connection to food – but I am reorganising my life completely! This sounds weird even for me, but I work more, I work more in a very focused way, my day is planned, my tasks are sorted – I was even able to wake up at 5am and do some gymnastics!

OK, that happened only once, but still, this is something I had been trying for a year or more on hadn’t been able to do. Not once!

And this means that I have more time with my family, the kids, so, bloody hell, it is a welcome change.

So, now I allow myself to have a little celebration and will drink a couple of beers in the evening…

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