The best thing so far on VfS

“But what do you eat?”

This is something that most vegans are asked at some point during their transition – as most of them call it. One way or another, but this is something people are interested in.

And they think the diet only consists of salads, so it’s gonna be like feeding a rabbit. This is a really common point of view here in Hungary, today a colleague of mine mentioned at the lunch table that about another colleagues food that that was something they usually give to their birds.

Whoa, what a bullshit!

I can’t say I was worried about this, when I decided that I was going to do something with my being a carnivore.

I was sure there would be options – but I have just realised how many!

I mean, this is something bloody good. A whole new spectrum of foods and everything. I am literally trying something new every day. And these are sometimes just to substitute a non-vegan product, but most of the time legitimate products on their own.

…and of course, cooking!

vegetables in a cast iron casserole
Different vegetables in an oven

I ordered lots of vegetables, put them in the dutch oven, there you are. What’s in? Mushrooms, bell pepper, carrots, shallots, garlic with spices.

Smoothie made from vegetables
Smoothie made from vegetables

Two days ago I made my first smoothie, using cabbage, banana, beetroot juice, oat milk.

Breakfast with vegan sour cream and vegetables
Breakfast with vegan sour cream and vegetables

So, I have never enjoyed my food this much. I mean it.

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