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So, I had planned to write a post about my plans around my life and self-development, but now life has obviously changed with all my plans going right into the bin.

You may know that we had been planning to move abroad somewhere, but I had chosen the way to move only when I have a decent job in my bag – a decent job around my profession. And our future had been in a good shape as I had had an opportunity to start something, but the virus ended it. I hope it’s only postponed, but we’ll have to wait.

Make the best of it

I am a little bit disappointed but still, I think this quarantine can be a good opportunity for something, and it has to be, because otherwise you (or I) may go crazy during it. I think it’s gonna be a long one, which is bad enough, but you have to grab the good parts of it.

Wait, are there any good parts?

That’s for sure, believe me. I am with my family. Of course I need to work in home office, but those breaks between two meetings, the coffee breaks, the lunch breaks give you opportunities to be with them, eat with them and whatnot. You can even adjust your schedule: I decided to wake up at 6am (OK, it is only six-ish, I can’t always do that), but most of the time I do, and after waking up, I do some exercise, work an hour or so, then I am ready to be with them for a breakfast.

About the exercise. I downloaded an app to my watch, and every weekday morning I do an 18-minute workout. I started with a 12-minute one and I want to go up to 30. In the afternoon the family do a 12-minute workout together.

I can have a head-start, as I am sort of in a good well, slightly better shape. I started a veganish lifestyle at the beginning of the year, and I lost 5-6 kgs of weight, so I am now around 78 kgs. That’s a good base to start something with my fitness.

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Where am I now?

Hey, so it’s been a month or so since I started moving towards veganism, and I have to admit that I love it. Another thing to admit – it is easier than I expected. I really wouldn’t have thought that I will enjoy it this much without any kind of hassle or pain or something like that.

This one month was full of getting ready and planning the next couple of months in the short term for me.

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Good time for a run, beautiful autumn weather, no rain, sunshine. Two runs on two Saturdays, now week between.

The length is the same, the map is exactly the same. And I enjoyed both, and the second one contained splits that are closer to my best. 5:38 per kilometre is not that bad – although I would love to perform around 5:00.

Anyway, off to a great start! Click for the details!

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I don’t say it can never be better, but nowadays I just get the feeling that there are certain places (and other things) that are simply not for us as a family and as a group with 3 children.

Maybe it’s just the age difference: 10+, 6, 1, which makes it a little bit harder to handle the pack. They all are in a different behavioural coordination system with different needs and different style and of course with quite different personalities.

Jeez, how different!

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Time to move

Well, I was meant to write about my diet, but I could not find the time – and by now it is a little bit late. Of course I started a draft post, but could not finish it – anyway, I can still do that.

The most important thing is, that I managed to lose more than 7 kilograms in three months, and once the circumstances were perfect today morning – I hadn’t drunk beer the day before and I woke up in time in the morning to go for a run.

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Thinking of my style

I have already kind of mentioned that I am at a stage of my life where I am looking for a couple of different things, like meaning of life and other hopefully easier topics – while constantly learning. Learning about professional things, self-development, blogging, copywriting and so on..

Well, about blogging, I keep bumping into style and finding my own style and the style of the blog and the posts, so style and style again.

And then somehow I realised that, well, I can’t really say that I have already found my one. Or at least if I have found it then it is not reflected on the blog and in the posts.

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A new target could help?

I couldn’t really accomplish my aim and reach the target of making running a habit again, so I figured maybe a concrete target could do it for me.

I found it hard to run in the city on the pavements and on the asphalt roads – yeah, unfortunately my body shows the signs of being not-so-easy on the circumstances any more. And of course there were other reasons behind it, the dog days here in Hungary lasting for weeks, my general tiredness etc. And of course I could go on forever finding the reasons, but you know there is something wrong when you can easily find the reasons.

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