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My best ever World Cup

2018. The year of my best ever World Cup. Really. The year when I found my faith again in my team, in the sport called football – and when I realized that I need this sport back in my life again.

I’ve been watching football World Cups since I was ten, since 1986. That was the first trauma with the Hungarian national team, Irapuato and the 0-6 against the Soviet Union – the beginning of a slope ahead of the Hungarian team that hasn’t finished yet. That and the political backlash in Hungary added to my language-learning time spent in London led me to find a new home – at least theoretically. So far. More about that in a later post, this time it is all about football, and my love for the English team.

This World Cup showed everything that I miss from my country now, including football, caring for each other, being a country, being human. A team that played for each other, played for the country, played against the odds – and delivered.

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Running and riding the bike

It’s only Thursday, though, I know, I know, but I am so bloody satisfied with this week that I feel like I am in heaven.

As I mentioned earlier, last week I started running again and took my bike to a bike service – and this Wednesday I was ready to wake up early and go for a run. And this time I was able to run 6.4 kilometres, only walked for a while (although my training plan suggested it more frequently through the earphones), and had that very happy feeling after it.

And in the evening my bike was ready, so I went for a ride. Only for 20 minutes or something like that, but here in the twelveth district, with hills and slopes everywhere it was a challenge!

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My running history

It seems like I started my running career in 2013, my first run was a 4.79 km run and since then I have done almost 1666 kilometres all together.

I thought that I would give it a try but then I kind of fell in love with running. It kind of started badly but when I understood that my body needed help and carefulness in terms of the frequency and the length of activities, I could run a lot.

I loved the summers after my second daughter was born in 2013 – my wife was at home and there was summer holiday in the school so I could wake up at 6 or earlier in the morning and enjoy the morning air. I was doing 10+ kilometres back then and loved it. Morning, running lonely, music, whatever.

But then I had a couple of health issues and 2017 was a bad year, I managed only 137 kilometres.

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Wife on fire

Last Sunday before lunch, my wife mentioned that we could go to the IKEA that afternoon. Now, if she mentions something like that, that is something to be considered. I wasn’t that happy right then, because I knew that I was going to take the girls to the Red Bull AirRace after lunch, we were going to be at home around five – and going to the IKEA would mean spending the end of the last hours of the weekend there.

And not at home. I was kind of angry a bit because she could have mentioned it in the morning so that we could have gone there in the morning, but we went and did some shopping anyway. Because we obviously needed some new shelves or whatever.

Anyway, we went and enjoyed the trip like hell!

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Being a father-of-two

I don’t think it was much different from the new feeling, but the knowledge that I would have three kids somehow did transform me. It is not that I had been a bad dad or anything like that – although I must admit I hadn’t been the best of the dads. So far.

I think the responsibility hit me in the head, right on my forehead.

I just somehow felt that I would need to do more in terms of connections, in terms of time spent with the girls, in terms of educating them, and most importantly, in terms of bringing them up to this world.

And that quietly changed everything.

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Here we go again

We are not really an “eat-together” type of family. We have given it a go a couple of times over the years, but somehow it has always gone wrong. Well, gone wrong is not the best way to describe it, there’s been nothing wrong, it has just stopped somehow, always.

But we did like it when we did have dinners together.

There is only one rule: everyone at the table has to tell what was good and wrong in her or his day.

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Well, this is what I am working on nowadays. It is a Polish designed game that has already been translated and adapted into a handful of languages – and now the Hungarian version is being made.

What is it?

This is a hybrid board game that comes with an application. It has home and education product families (each including different products with different tools and tasks), but in Hungary, we will be distributing the Education family.

Which contains two different games: one for kindergarten, 4 to 6/7 (the Basic), and one for 6 to 9/10-year-old children (the Edu).

Hybrid, as it comes with an application to check the code within the Educ version, because the Basic can be checked inside the manual, so the really young ones do not need to use a mobile tool. Read Full Article