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Being a father-of-two

I don’t think it was much different from the new feeling, but the knowledge that I would have three kids somehow did transform me. It is not that I had been a bad dad or anything like that – although I must admit I hadn’t been the best of the dads. So far.

I think the responsibility hit me in the head, right on my forehead.

I just somehow felt that I would need to do more in terms of connections, in terms of time spent with the girls, in terms of educating them, and most importantly, in terms of bringing them up to this world.

And that quietly changed everything.

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Here we go again

We are not really an “eat-together” type of family. We have given it a go a couple of times over the years, but somehow it has always gone wrong. Well, gone wrong is not the best way to describe it, there’s been nothing wrong, it has just stopped somehow, always.

But we did like it when we did have dinners together.

There is only one rule: everyone at the table has to tell what was good and wrong in her or his day.

And now that we are kind of settled in the flat, Dóri’s at home before the third child is born, we’ve decided that we need this again. Read Full Article

Well, this is what I am working on nowadays. It is a Polish designed game that has already been translated and adapted into a handful of languages – and now the Hungarian version is being made.

What is it?

This is a hybrid board game that comes with an application. It has home and education product families (each including different products with different tools and tasks), but in Hungary, we will be distributing the Education family.

Which contains two different games: one for kindergarten, 4 to 6/7 (the Basic), and one for 6 to 9/10-year-old children (the Edu).

Hybrid, as it comes with an application to check the code within the Educ version, because the Basic can be checked inside the manual, so the really young ones do not need to use a mobile tool. Read Full Article

Burn the bridges

So, I have written something like 4 to 7 different blog in my lifetime, but the time has come now, to erase all that from my history and start a new one where I can publish all my stuff in one place. And this was a very good time to do that because now I can connect it to my own and my families development.
My personal and professional development and the families on the front of… well, family front.
We are expecting our third child in something like a month, and this is the time when we can do whatever the best is for the whole family.
We feel like we are facing big challenges, really big challenges in terms of our future, more importantly, our children’s future, so we need to move and we need to make decisions. But the very best thing is that we are all in this together, wife, husband, girls, and probably the soon-to-be-born boy, too.

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